Dell Trumpets Its PowerEdge-SQL Server 2005 Combo

November 3, 2005

[From ITJungle]

Misdirection is not only a trick of magicians, but also of IT vendors. Server maker Dell, which yesterday warned Wall Street that it had cut its prices a little too aggressively in the consumer PC space and is having some sales problems in Europe, today is trying to run the news cycle with a pre-announcement look at how its PowerEdge servers are going to perform running Microsoft's "Yukon" SQL Server 2005 database management system.

Like other server makers, Dell is announcing that its PowerEdge servers now support the dual-core "Paxville" Xeon MP processors, which Intel started delivering today. Dell is also trumpeting that its PowerEdge servers, which support both Xeon DP and Xeon MP Paxville variants, are going to give top-notch performance and bang for the buck running SQL Server 2005.

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