SQL 2005: The Integrated Stack Is Back

December 2, 2005

[From Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online]

Think of SQL Server 2005 as a bulldozer ready to reshape the industry. Now pull back your mental camera and imagine it as the leader of a phalanx of Microsoft bulldozers grinding across the IT landscape, heading for more hills to flatten.

For a product getting its first major revision in five years, SQL Server carries tremendous momentum. Surprisingly, much of that momentum doesn't flow from the technical fine points of the database server. Instead, SQL Server 2005 is driven by deep hooks into other Microsoft server and desktop products. Microsoft decided to break with the industry practice of selling separate data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) components for high premiums. Instead, the company has bundled these features into SQL Server itself, yielding a radically lower price structure that forces database managers to take notice.

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