SQL Cookbook: Getting More from SQL with Expert Techniques and Features

January 6, 2006

[From O'Reilly Media, Inc. ]

Sebastopol, CA--SQL is one of the topics that many programmers learn a little about, but just enough to eke by while building that web application or performing a task in the office. It's a deceptively easy language to learn. Database developers can begin with the simple statement: SELECT FROM WHERE and accomplish quite a bit. Many, in fact, don't go far beyond that. Yet, there is so much more that the language can do. In SQL Cookbook (O'Reilly, US $ 39.95), experienced SQL developer Anthony Molinaro shows off his favorite SQL techniques and features.

The book contains more than 200 recipes for solving SQL problems. Molinaro describes it, "Queries, queries, queries. My goal from the beginning was not so much to write a 'SQL Cookbook' as to write a 'Query Cookbook.' I've aimed to create a book of queries ranging from the relatively easy to the difficult in hopes the reader would grasp the techniques behind those queries and use them to solve their own business problems."

SQL Cookbook covers SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and DB2...

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