CMDB provides a real-time view into database infrastructure

March 20, 2006

Early last week, GridApp Systems, Inc. announced the first heterogeneous Configuration Management Database (CMDB) solution for multi-platform database environments.

Everyone is talking about configuration management, each with their own interpretation of what configuration management is. GridApp Clarity specifically focuses on database management and database integration. When GridApp Systems talks about configuration management, they are referring to all of the pertinent information about a database, except the data. That means not only the configuration information and parameters, but system schema, patch level, network and storage information. All of this information gives organizations the opportunity to baseline 'Gold Builds'--the way they want to build their databases and to compare these databases to other databases in the environment to ensure standardization and consistency. GridApp Clarity pulls all of this configuration management into one central location, offering organizations a full transparent view into the full database structure thus providing an intelligent method to manage the database, audit user activity and institute change management processes and security controls.

In our world of compliance, with its myriad regulatory requirements, auditors want to see and know why something has been done. They want one view, across an entire enterprise that demonstrates adequate control of the data, modification in configuration, schema updates, etc. This can be a monumental task when organizations have thousands of databases to track. Clarity's configuration management provides one holistic view into that information.

Clarity is not just about compliance; it is about performance. CMDB provides a real-time view into the infrastructure. When a change needs to be made, or when someone needs to apply a patch, you can be assured that the change was made or the patch applied because everything is being tracked in one place.

The number one reason databases have problems or tend to go down is that someone altered something; a modification is made and one or two days later the database starts having problems. Clarity's configuration management functionality doesn't tell you something has happened and leave it at that. It alerts you to a problem and tells you what has changed in the schema, what patches have been applied, the configuration information that has been modified. This translates into better performance, higher availability and better efficiency for the DBA.

The ability to see all of the configuration information in one place increases control and leads to better performance, higher uptime and better efficiency. The key benefits of Clarity software allows organizations to define database standards, create policies and implement tools. GridApp Systems' Clarity transforms the existing database infrastructure into a centrally administered and automated data utility, regardless of whether the platform is Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase or a combination of these databases.

Headquartered in New York City, GridApp Systems, Inc. was founded in 2002. The company was formed to implement the database management vision conceived from the team's field experience operating a major e-commerce site.

For additional information, please visit http://www.gridapp.com/.