AquaFold releases Enterprise Oracle Database Administration Tools for Windows, Linux and OSX

May 4, 2006

[From AquaFold, Inc.]

Mountain View, CA -- May 3, 2006 -- AquaFold, Inc has released Aqua Data Studio 4.7, a powerful, multi-platform application that provides complete database administration and query tools for Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, and PostgreSQL. With a single program, database managers can save time and money in the design, development, and maintenance of enterprise relational databases.

Version 4.7 includes powerful Oracle DBA Tools: The Instance Manager makes it easy to control the Oracle instance. You can view and modify server parameters, and monitor and back up the Oracle controlfile. The Storage Manager lets Oracle users manage tablespaces and datafiles by making it simple to visualize and maintain storage, including object and file IO statistics. The new Oracle Rollback Manager lets you monitor and maintain rollback segments, including current statements, transactions, and execution plans. The Log Manager gives users control over redo logs and archive logs. The Security Manager lets you manage users, roles, profiles, permissions, and security.

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