Oracle Leads Next-Generation Web 2.0 Application Development With Contributions to Open Source Community

May 17, 2006

[From Oracle Corp.]

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., 16-MAY-2006 Furthering its commitment to the Java developer community, Oracle today announced a series of significant contributions to leading open source initiatives. Oracle has donated more than 100 Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Faces components to the Apache MyFaces project. Oracle also announced plans to augment this donation by contributing its next generation Asynchronous Javascript And XML (AJAX) user interface technology to the open source community. Oracle also announced its plan to support open source scripting communities such as Groovy and Grails and the new JSR-223 specification to enable scripting languages such as Groovy, PHP and Grails to be used in Java Server-side Applications. Open source standards initiatives such as MyFaces and scripting communities like Groovy and Grails have become critical resources for the development community to simplify Web application development. Oracle's donations help strengthen these initiatives and simplify the development of sophisticated, Web 2.0 applications.

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