DBI's New Solution Ensures Accountability of Critical Data

June 2, 2006

[From Database-Brothers, Inc.]

Austin, TX ­- Database-Brothers, Inc. (DBI), announced the release of Brother-WatchDog, a new product that ensures data accountability. Brother-WatchDog tracks access and updates to corporate database data, capturing the web application end user identities & locations, and correlating the identity to corresponding database statement activity.

Unlike products that rely on network sniffing, Brother-WatchDog uses unique, unobtrusive technology to accurately capture user identity and location 'fingerprint' information without requiring application changes. The product also provides 'Tamper Evident Seals' to ensure the accuracy of audited information as well as comprehensive search and reporting capabilities. In addition to web users, Brother-WatchDog can also be used to track the activities of system administrators, database administrators, and Decision Support Analysts.

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