IBM DB2 9.0 Review

July 17, 2006

[From Builder AU]

As the database market continues to grow and mature, it is sometimes hard for developers to get excited when a new version of a database server hits the shelves. The day after the upgrade, you are still writing the same SQL using the same tools you did before. And if you are a command-line junkie, chances are you won’t notice a lot of difference anyway.

With the release of DB2 9 (formerly code-named "Viper"), IBM has finally given developers something to get excited about. In this release, IBM now provides native XML support, an updated set of developer tools and enough enhancements in administration, security and memory management to make even the most battle-worn DBA give it a second look.

In this review, we are going to look at some of the new features in DB2 9 from a developer’s perspective, starting with the tools provided in this release.

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