ExtraQuest announces re-launch as StrataVia and general availability of Data Palette

July 18, 2006

[From StrataVia Corp.]

Denver, CO. - July 18, 2006 - ExtraQuest, a provider of database administration services, announced today it has renamed the company StrataVia Corporation and introduced Data Palette 3.0, a database administration (DBA) solution for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2. Data Palette helps define the best practices for performing simple or highly complex database activities as well as standardize and automate key DBA functions, bringing major gains in operational efficiency and substantial savings in the IT budget. StrataVia has used previous versions of Data Palette (formerly known as RoboDOC) in its managed services business for the past 3 years, and is now launching it to the market for the first time.

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