Oracle Announces General Availability of Tools for .NET

August 1, 2006

[From Oracle Corp.]

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. 01-AUG-2006 Oracle today announced the general availability of Oracle(r) Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET, a free plug-in that enables developers to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to develop and deploy Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications with Oracle Database 10g. Oracle also unveiled a new release of Oracle Data Provider for .NET in support of ADO.NET 2.0, Microsoft's standard for data access.

Oracle's support of Visual Studio 2005 and ADO.NET 2.0 helps developers to be more productive building .NET applications and Web services with Oracle Database 10g. The latest version of Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET includes features such as an integrated debugger that enables developers to debug PL/SQL stored procedures and functions from within Visual Studio 2005. Oracle Data Provider for .NET helps developers to access information from the database more efficiently. Specifically, they can take advantage of the unique performance, reliability, scalability and security capabilities of Oracle Database 10g such as application security context, clustering, and native Oracle data types such as LOBs and REF Cursors.

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