Oracle Fusion Applications Update: Less is More

August 16, 2006

[From Datamation]

To say that Oracle has sent the market – and its customers – conflicting information about its plans for Fusion Applications is being a little charitable. It’s been incredibly difficult to track the shifting sands of Oracle’s strategy over the last three years, and, if you’ve been a little confused up till now, you’ve had a lot of good company.

But, on the eve of a road show designed in part to clear the air about what Fusion Applications are all about, Oracle’s strategy is finally starting to coalesce. I recently spent some time with Oracle’s apps guru, John Wookey, going over the details of where Fusion 1.0 planning is today, and I will say that Oracle’s strategy is now starting to make some sense. And, if the execution continues as planned, the newly incarnated Fusion Applications suite is going to start making headaches for Oracle’s competitors well ahead of its planned 2008 launch.

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