Oracle expert looks ahead to Database 11g

January 17, 2007

[From SearchOracle.com]

Brian Peasland knows the Oracle Database. As an independent Oracle database consultant and SearchOracle.com's resident expert on backup and recovery and database design, Peasland spends his days helping companies and individuals get more out of Oracle's flagship database management system (DBMS). And with the newest version of the Oracle Database, version 11g, currently in beta testing, SearchOracle.com thought it would be a good time to sit down with Peasland and go over some of Oracle's planned changes and upgrades.

In this interview, Peasland discusses why he doesn't have much use for the planned XML upgrades in 11g and talks about the fact that many users he speaks with are hoping the next version of PL/SQL will include a better way to trace the PL/SQL call stack. Peasland also offers advice for folks getting ready to take the Oracle Certified Professional exam for 10g and offers some words of wisdom for database newbies and veterans alike who want to make sure that Database 10g is properly locked down.

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