Symantec expands its APM product line to include an Application Service Dashboard

January 24, 2007

Symantec has expanded its Application Performance Management product to include the new Symantec Application Service Dashboard. The JSR 168 compliant portal, which was built on Liferay, provides the ability to take metrics within the Symantec i3 product family and display them in a customizable, modular way on a single interface. This is a correlated view that allows you to view elements from multiple Web, database, and middleware instances within the same application on a single screen.

The Application Service Dashboard is browser and platform independent and allows you to change skins to match the look and feel of your business unit.

Symantec also announced a major release of Insight Inquire. The product offers agentless web application monitoring, using user-simulated business transactions and component diagnostics of multitier applications, which provide the ability to see performance from a customer perspective and to ensure that the application is performing according to the expected service levels. In the event of an outage or failure, Insight Inquire diagnoses the problem, drilling down to the component that is at fault, then sending one alert rather than multiple alerts, should a problem occur along different areas of the transaction path.

New in version 3.0 is the Sybase ASA embedded database, removing the requirement for an Oracle or Sybase ASE instance.

Symantec Application Service Dashboard, Insight Inquire and i3 are all immediately available. Pricing for the Application Service Dashboard starts at $300 per CPU.

Pricing for Insight Inquire starts at $500 USD per CPU and components of Symantec i3 start at USD $1,500 USD per CPU.  

More information is available at www.symantec.com.