Handling Database Writes in Data Access Layer Management

January 24, 2007

[From developer.com]

My first article on this topic demonstrated database reads-to-entities. Reads are relatively easy. Just read one or more result sets and build objects; you don't need transactions. This article demonstrates database writes. The write part of managing a data access layer (DAL) is where things can go awry. Writing requires managing changes, validation, transactions, and a variety of changes, including new, changed, and deleted objects.

This article demonstrates how to add and modify objects in a collection and then, using the basic DAL introduced in my previous article, how to manage writing those changes back to the persistence store. Although the code sample implicitly demonstrates insert and update behaviors, the text provides hints for handling validation and deletion too.

The article continues at http://www.developer.com/net/vb/article.php/3655136