Podcast: Oracle Database expert talks Oracle-on-Linux

January 30, 2007

[From SearchOracle.com]

Brian Peasland knows the Oracle Database. As a SearchOracle.com site expert, an independent database consultant and a 17-year veteran of Database administration, Peasland spends his days answering questions about the best ways to keep Oracle Databases up and running securely and efficiently.

SearchOracle.com got a hold of Peasland recently to talk about whether there is really a demand for Oracle's new Management Pack for Linux and whether he thinks Oracle's new Red Hat support offering will be successful. In this exclusive SearchOracle.com podcast interview, Peasland also discusses the ins and out of getting Oracle certified and he goes over some of the most commonly asked questions he gets from SearchOracle.com readers. The database guru concludes the interview by talking about the new capabilities found in the upcoming Oracle Database 11g. If you have a question for Peasland, be sure to click over to his Ask the Experts section after listening to the podcast.

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