Oracle Database Vault Delivers Secure Data Access Control for PeopleSoft Applications

February 7, 2007

[From Oracle Corp.]

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. 07-FEB-2007 05:30 AM In response to customer demand, Oracle today announced that Oracle Database Vault, designed to protect and limit access to sensitive data and applications, is now certified with Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications.

PeopleSoft Enterprise applications can contain highly sensitive business data and privacy related information, access to which must be tightly controlled in order to meet stringent security and compliance requirements. Oracle's certification of Oracle Database Vault with PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.4 and later versions enables organizations to easily integrate Oracle Database Vault capabilities with their PeopleSoft Enterprise applications - enabling a strong defense at the data layer of their IT infrastructure. This certification is the first in a series of Oracle Database Vault certifications the company plans to conduct with Oracle and third-party applications.

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