CA Announces Support for IBM DB2 9 Viper for z/OS

March 8, 2007

[From CA]

CA today announced that more than 30 CA products—across its database management, security management, information retrieval and resource management product lines—will support IBM DB2 9 Viper for z/OS when it becomes generally available on March 16.

Initial CA products supporting IBM DB2 9 Viper for z/OS include:

  • CA's Database Management Solution, an integrated set of tools that optimize database design and modeling, performance, administration, backup and recovery.
  • CA Easytrieve, an information retrieval and data management tool designed to expedite rapid development of business reports.
  • CA NeuMICs, a resource management tool which provides visibility into system usage and performance for improved utilization decision making.
  • CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret, a set of tools which help ensure the integrity and security of critical organizational assets.

The article continues at http://www3.ca.com/press/PressRelease.aspx?CID=100999