So Where Is PureXML for DB2/400?

March 12, 2007

[From ITJungle]

With much fan-fare last week, IBM rolled out its "Viper" database technology into the version of DB2 for its z/OS-based mainframes. Viper is not just a relational database, which can store information in the traditional format that is friendly to SQL and other query methods, but also can store information in an XML format as well--and do so natively.

IBM calls the native XML capability PureXML, and unlike past approaches, including prior releases and versions of DB2 for the mainframe as well as the Unix/Linux/Windows variant andcurrent approaches with DB2/400, PureXML allows XML documents to be stored without losing the hierarchical information that is inherent in them and still allows the elements of the XML documents to be queried.

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