Tizor adds Enterprise Local Audit Architecture

June 19, 2007

[From Tizor Systems]

Maynard, Mass. – June 18, 2007 – Tizor Systems, a provider of enterprise data auditing and protection solutions for the data center, today announced Mantra V5.4 with Enterprise Local Audit Architecture, the most complete solution for monitoring all local and privileged user access to databases. Mantra’s Enterprise Local Audit Architecture combines the new technology Enterprise-TAP (E-TAP) agent with Mantra’s current agent-less local audit capabilities enabling customers to choose the approach that best fits their needs for monitoring local database activity, including privileged user activity. Combined with new customized reporting and workflow features, Mantra V5.4 further extends Mantra’s lead in providing a high performance-network data monitoring solution with complete visibility into all critical data activity.

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