Oracle Buys Online Identity Theft and Fraud Detection Leader Bharosa

July 19, 2007

[From Oracle Corp.]

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. 18-JUL-2007 05:00 AM Oracle announces that it has agreed to acquire Bharosa, Inc., a provider of software that helps combat online identity theft and fraud. Strong authentication and fraud detection are increasingly critical components of identity management deployments and are seeing rapid adoption. Driven by regulatory mandates such as FFIEC, PCI, and HIPAA, organizations are under pressure to reduce fraud and provide higher levels of assurance of users' identities and their usage intent. By adding some of the leading real-time fraud prevention capabilities of Bharosa's Tracker and Authenticator software to Oracle's existing web single sign-on and web-based authorization solutions, Oracle will uniquely provide the next generation of access management to customers and the market.

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