Active data warehousing explained and examined

January 30, 2008

[From Search DataManagement]

Business intelligence (BI) is becoming an important part of more organizations' day-to-day operations, and active data warehousing is a prime enabling technology.

As with many good business technologies, the concept of active data warehousing was born from user requirements rather than from vendors' technological ability. With active data warehousing, we aren't talking about supporting executives' strategic decision-making -- we are talking about operational decision support. For example, shipping companies like DHL use huge fleets of trucks to move millions of packages around. Every day, operational managers are making thousands of nitty-gritty decisions that affect the bottom line: "Do we need three trucks for this run?" "With two drivers out sick, do I need to bring in extra help?" Traditional data warehousing doesn't help with this, but active data warehousing does.

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