SQL Slipstreaming please

June 5, 2008

[From NetworkWorld]

The concept of Slipstreaming is a very useful feature. It refers to the concept of having a single set of install files for a current version of a product even though updates such as service packs have been issued. An example is Microsoft XP SP2 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3a. Slipstream versions were created by Microsoft for these Service Pack releases. That way you could install once without having to apply the latest Service Pack - it is already there. This would save time and effort. For instance, some service pack installs take longer than the original installs themselves. For some reason Microsoft SQL Server 2005 does not officially support a slipstream version for SP1 or SP2. Let's hope that changes with SP3. After three years of changes you know this SP will touch almost every part of the product.

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