Reports for CRM 4.0 using SQL Server 2008 and Report Builder 2.0

November 11, 2008

[From Blogs MSDN]

SQL 2008 Reporting Services

SQL 2008 Reporting Services introduces a brand new set of components to be used in reports. A wide variety of chart types, gauge types and matrix reports have been introduced to provide the Dynamics CRM user extremely useful reporting tools and a fantastic user experience. For example – You can use a sales funnel report in SQL 2008 to show the distribution of sales opportunities in a funnel chart, and use a gauge to track the overall effectiveness of your sales team.

Report Builder 2.0

Another powerful tool that ships with SQL 2008 is the Report Builder 2.0. The tool is a boon to report writers who wish to create powerful reports. Personally, it took me, not more than 10 minutes to create my very first report using Report Builder 2.0. Once created using the Report Builder, these reports can be uploaded into CRM. Report Builder 2.0 can also be used for creating CRM reports by a CRM administrator having access to the SQL database.

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