Ingres Unleashes the Power of Modern Computing

July 29, 2009

[From Ingres Corp.]

Ingres Corporation, the open source database management company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT, today announced the Ingres VectorWise project, a collaboration between Ingres, VectorWise, a spin out from the leading database research team at CWI of Amsterdam, a research institute in mathematics and computer science, along with ongoing support from Intel. VectorWise created the first-ever database engine that succeeds in unleashing the performance potential of modern computer hardware.

The goal of the Ingres VectorWise project was to improve the performance of database systems by orders of magnitude and to bridge the efficiency gap between databases and application-specialized solutions. This has been achieved by redesigning database architecture to exploit the latest hardware technologies from companies like Intel. The result - a ground-breaking database kernel - is now being combined with the leading open source relational database from Ingres.

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