YC-Funded RethinkDB: A MySQL Storage Engine Built From The Ground Up For Solid State Drives

July 29, 2009

[From TechCrunch]

It’s been a long time coming, but the computer industry is finally making headway in the switch from old-fashioned, platter based hard drives to the solid state drives (SSDs) found in iPhones and many other electronics. The benefits are obvious: unlike their platter-based counterparts, SSDs have no moving parts, and they’re also significantly faster for many tasks. Unfortunately most software, both server-side and otherwise, has been optimized for the older drives and the physical limitations that come with them. RethinkDB is a new startup that’s looking to capitalize on this problem by building a storage engine for MySQL databases that’s fully optimized for SSD drives, bringing with it large speed boosts and a number of features sure to catch the eye of many developers.

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