How Business Intelligence Becomes Agile

April 15, 2011

Agile business intelligence isn't a one-time upgrade, but an ongoing process, according to an article on eCRM Guide.

Faster BI and analytics won't necessarily lead to agile BI either; they could just get you to the wrong place faster, according to long-time analyst and consultant Wayne Kernochan.

Agile business intelligence should be an ongoing, flexible process, able to change direction on the spot to meet new challenges. It starts with data quality, consistency and timeliness — getting the right data to the right people in a timely fashion, with auto-discovery through master data management (MDM) and data visualization tools, event processing and global metadata repositories.

And then agile development kicks in, responding to changing needs in rapid fashion.

The end result should be a more agile organization — with business intelligence in a supporting role.

For more on how business intelligence needs to change to help create more agile businesses, see What Agile Business Intelligence Really Means at eCRM Guide.