Open Source Virtualization: Oracle VM Manager Installation

Brief intro

In our previous article, we
looked at the open source revolution that Oracle started when it announced its
hypervisor. In this article, we will install the Oracle VM Manager on our
Workstation skeleton. Both installations are carried out on the latest 64-bit
Oracle’s EL 5 servers.

Getting and Installing Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 GA OS

This is the simple part as we have done the installation
several times in the past. All we do in this step is to download the binaries
as we did in the past article and install the OS. We do take the 64-bit EL 5
versions this time, as I warned you last time, that both the 32 And 64 bit
binaries ask for 64-bit system. Anyway, the Oracle EL installation should be as
simple as anything and we will quickly move on to installing the VMware tools
inside it:

Installing VMware tools in the EL 5 GA

  • Copy the *.tar or *.rpm files to /tmp
  • cd /tmp/
  • Untar the files
  • tar xvfz VMwareTools-1.0.3-44356.tar.gz
    cd /vmware-distrib
  • Install the tools with the command:
  • ./
    Accept the defaults. (I personally do accept the experimental
    feature but you decide for yourself.) Afterwards reboot the vm. After the vm
    has rebooted, you can start the VMware Tools via:
    vmware-toolbox &
  • Click on the “synchronize time with host” option.

Installing Oracle VM Manager

Installing tightvnc

Normally in the VMware Workstation 6, this is not a
problem as you have your own VNC solution, but should you be installing this on
your physical machine, then it might be handy to use tightvnc.

-genkey -alias vncviewer -validity 365
/opt/oc4j/java/jdk1.5.0_11/bin/jarsigner vncviewer.jar vncviewer

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