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SQL Scripts & Samples

Posted Jun 13, 2003

View MS SqlSever detail device infomation

By DatabaseJournal.com Staff

>>Script Language and Platform: MSSQL Server 2000, 7.0
This script identifies & displays the MS SQLSever databases physical device information,size,installed path & filegroup information.

With the help of this script user will be able to view the SQLserver detailed device information.

Author: Sushant Saha

/* Purpose	: The following script display detail SQLServer device information */

DECLARE @dbname varchar(50)
DECLARE @command varchar(255)
DECLARE dbname_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT name from master..sysdatabases 
	where name not in ('northwind', 'pubs')
OPEN dbname_cursor
FETCH next FROM dbname_cursor into @dbname
WHILE @@fetch_status = 0
SELECT @command = 'USE ' + @dbname + ' select ' + 
    'convert(varchar(25),f.name) ''Device Name'','+ 
    'convert(varchar(10),size/128) + '' MB'' ''Device Size'','+ 
    'convert(varchar(100),f.filename) Path,'+ 
    'convert(varchar(15),filegroup_name(groupid)) Filegroup from sysfiles f' 
EXEC (@command)
FETCH NEXT FROM dbname_cursor INTO @dbname
CLOSE dbname_cursor
DEALLOCATE dbname_cursor

Disclaimer: We hope that the information on these script pages is valuable to you. Your use of the information contained in these pages, however, is at your sole risk. All information on these pages is provided "as -is", without any warranty, whether express or implied, of its accuracy, completeness, or fitness for a particular purpose... Disclaimer Continued

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