Find string in procedure, view, functions, defaults etc.

April 30, 2004

>>Script Language and Platform: SQL Server
This user defined function will search procedures, views and functions for the given string.

select * from dbo.udf_Findstringinobjects ('Quantity')
CK_Quantity	others
Products by Category	View
Invoices	View
Order Details Extended	View
Order Subtotals	View
Product Sales for 1997	View
CustOrdersDetail	Stored procedure
CustOrderHist	Stored procedure
SalesByCategory	Stored procedure

Create Function dbo.udf_Findstringinobjects (@string varchar(100))
returns @tbl  Table(Name varchar(128), Type varchar(100))
insert into @tbl(Name,Type) select name, ObjectType = case 
when TYPE='D' then 'Default or DEFAULT constraint' 
when TYPE='FN' then 'Scalar function' 
when TYPE='IF' then 'Inlined table-function' 
when TYPE='P' then 'Stored procedure' 
when TYPE='R' then 'Rule' 
when TYPE='RF' then 'Replication filter stored procedure' 
when TYPE='TF' then 'Table function' 
when TYPE='TR' then 'Trigger' 
when TYPE='U' then 'User table' 
when TYPE='V' then 'View' 
when TYPE='X' then 'Extended stored procedure'
else 'others'
 from sysobjects where id in
(select id from syscomments where text like '%'+@string+'%')

Author: MAK

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