Send a Message To Users Who Access a Specified Database

September 21, 2009

>>Script Language and Platform: MSSQL 2000 & MSSQL 2005
The following procedure helps you to send a message to all users who access a specified database in a server.

Author: Shiva

 /* -------------------------------------------------

The Following Procedure Helps You To

Send a Message to all Users 

Who Access the Specified Database in a Server


Create Proc Sp_SendMsg
               @Msg Varchar(100),
               @DbName VarChar(100) 

                if db_id(@DbName) = Null 
                  Print 'DataBase dose not Exist'
                  Declare @spId Varchar(1000)

                  DECLARE TmpCursor CURSOR FOR
                  Select  'master..xp_CmdShell ''Net Send ' + rtrim(convert(Varchar(50), 
  HostName))+' "Dear ' + upper(max(rtrim(loginame)))+ space(1) + @Msg + '"''' as spId
                  from master..SysProcesses
                  where db_Name(dbID) = @DbName and 
                       spId <> @@SpId
                       and rtrim(ltrim(HostName)) <> ''
                       and HostName <> host_Name()
                  and dbID <> 0
                       and spId > 50
                       group by HostName

                  OPEN TmpCursor
                  FETCH NEXT FROM TmpCursor
                  INTO @spId 
                  WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
             Exec (@spId)
                   FETCH NEXT FROM TmpCursor
                   INTO @spId 
                  CLOSE TmpCursor
                  DEALLOCATE TmpCursor

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