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Posted Dec 21, 2009

Picking a Database Platform for Your Small to Medium Size Business

By DatabaseJournal.com Staff

When selected a database platform for your business application it is important to review the key players in the database space. Before you pick a vendor, you need to know it will meet your business requirements. You want to be sure once you pick a solution it will meet your short and long term database needs.

In this white paper, Rick Veaque, Chief Technology Officer of IFS North America looks at Oracle and SQL Server and will help you to demystify some of the hype around Oracle and SQL Server in relationships to small and medium size businesses. He tries to side-step the biases of today's technologists to provide his opinion on how Oracle:

  • Supports small to medium size business
  • Is easy to manage
  • Can be a cost effective solution
  • Scales to meet growing demands of your business

Prior to selecting a database vendor for your small or medium size business, you owe it to yourself to re-verify those old myths from years ago. Oracle has made lots of changes over the years. Possibly these changes now make Oracle a cost-effective solution for your situation. Read this white page to understand why Oracle might be a solution worth looking at when you select a database platform to support your current and future data needs.

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