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Posted May 4, 2010

Data Integration Using Oracle Data Integrator

By DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Integrating new data in a data warehouse is critical to growing the data in your data warehouse.  Gathering up data from different heterogeneous data sources is no easy task.  Therefore, data integrators need to look for tools that allow them to react quickly, and allows them to incorporate data from new data sources into their data warehouse, with the least amount of work.

Oracle has knowledge module technology within Oracle Data Integrator that can be used with Oracle Warehouse Builder Enterprise ETL that helps with integrating data in a data warehouse.  Data can be integrated quickly using code template mappings to provide fast and flexible integration.    Oracle Data Integrator provides a familiar feel so existing Oracle Warehouse Builder customers can leverage their existing skills when using this new tool. 

Read this white paper to find out more about Oracle Data integrator knowledge modules.   By using templates and a familiar interface data integrators can quickly and easily incorporate new data into their data warehouse.  Using Oracle Data Integrator with Oracle Warehouse Builder, positions you to support your future data integration needs quickly and easily. 

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