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Posted May 25, 2010

Issues with Data Migration from MySQL to SQL Server

By DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Is your organization contemplating migrating your MySQL databases to Microsoft SQL Server?  If so, before you start that migration you need to understand all the issues and develop the steps you need to go through to make your migration successful.   Many different approaches and issues need to be understood and overcome to have a successful migration.

There are a number of high-level steps required to migrate you MySQL environment to SQL Server.  You first need to figure out how to map your MySQL databases to SQL Server database, this will require mapping your MySQL data types to SQL Server data type.  Next, you need to convert your database objects and code, like views, stored procedures and triggers to be compatible with SQL Server.   Lastly, you will need to change your applications so they can connect to SQL Server.

To gain a better understanding of how to migrate MySQL to SQL Server you should read this white paper.  This paper will answer all your questions about what it takes to migrate your MySQL databases.  If you are planning on doing a migrate to SQL Server, or only contemplating a migration then you owe it to your organization to read this white paper.

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