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Getting Started with Stretch Database Functionality in SQL Server 2016 – Part 1 11/16/2015

Start using Stretch Database in SQL Server 2016 with this step-by step guide. Learn how to use SSMS to do it manually or use T-SQL to automate the overall process.

Azure SQL Database - Transparent Data Encryption 11/05/2015

Transparent Data Encryption offers the ability to encrypt the content of a database, its transaction logs, as well as backups, while at rest. Encryption and decryption are performed in real-time, at the individual page level, as the database is being written to and read from storage, without necessitating changes to applications accessing their data. Read on to learn more.

Installing SQL Server 2016 11/02/2015

You now have a couple of new installation options available when you install SQL Server 2016. One of those new features is being able to define multiple tempdb data files while installing SQL Server. Additionally the incorporation of PolyBase into the database engine means there is a new option for installing the new PolyBase Query Service. Greg Larsen walks you through the GUI installation process for SQL Server 2016 and explores these new installation options.



Is It Time to Move from Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 or Enterprise Edition? 11/19/2015

New licensing for Oracle’s SE family line significantly lowers value to the enterprise.

Tivoli and RMAN in Oracle 11/12/2015

RMAN in Oracle version is sending incorrect information to the Tivoli MML process, resulting in backup files that are larger than expected, filling the storage pool and causing the backups to fail.

Extended Statistics and Oracle 12c 10/26/2015

Extended statistics can provide better plans by recognizing correlated columns in a table.  Oracle 12c makes those statistics easier by providing an automatic way to generate them.  Read on to see how this can provide better plans.


MS Access



Integrating Big Data Applications into Operational Environments 11/23/2015

Many IT enterprises have created big data applications to store and analyze massive amounts of historical data. Should these applications be installed in their own exclusive environment, or tightly integrated with current operational systems?

Big Data: Planning for Peak Season 10/13/2015

In its first phase of implementation, the big data application received and stored data from operational systems, allowing business analysts to use business analytics software to analyze the data for trends. Now we are in the next phase. Big data applications must now create value by feeding data back into operational systems. This becomes even more important during the busiest time of the year. What are the most important things for the IT staff to prepare?

Ensuring Data Availability in Critical Big Data Applications 09/17/2015

Big data applications store huge amounts of data in a massively-parallel storage array and use sophisticated analytical software to return solutions to SQL queries. With multiple applications accessing enterprise data, we now need mechanisms to guarantee that the data is easily available. Here, we discuss a few common techniques to ensure that a big data application does not cause bottlenecks in mission-critical processes.


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