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Getting Started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse - Part 4 04/20/2017

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a new enterprise-class, elastic petabyte-scale, data warehouse service. Join Arshad Ali as he discusses round-robin and distributed tables, and how to create them. He also discusses how partitioning works in SQL Data Warehouse and looks at the impact of choosing the right distribution key. As a bonus Arshad shows you how to leverage PolyBase to quickly and easily import or export data from SQL Data Warehouse.

Backing Up SQL Server Databases Hosted on Azure VMs 04/06/2017

Join Marcin Policht as he provides a comprehensive overview of the different backup options applicable to Azure SQL Server VMs with database files stored on VM disks.

How to Move a Table to a Different File Group 04/03/2017

There may be a time when you want to move a table from one file group to another. It's easy if it contains a clustered index. Read on to learn more.



Using the optimizer_index_cost_adj Parameter in Oracle 04/24/2017

When all else fails it may be necessary to tell Oracle that index access is the way to go.  Read on to see what parameter is used, how to set it, and what surprises you may find after you do.

Does NOLOGGING In Oracle Really Save Time? 04/17/2017

Using NOLOGGING is a time-saver, some say, but is it really?  Read on to see why it may not be and how it can get you into trouble.

Setting A Logon Security Message In Oracle 03/27/2017

Many enterprises are requiring user notification of session monitoring at login, at both the server and database level. Read on to see how to enable this feature and provide custom text.


MS Access



Database as a Service: A Practicum 04/13/2017

Vendors now offer Database as a Service (DBaaS) as part of a bundled solution of managed IT services. Delegating database management services to an external provider may have many benefits, but delegating database administration services has many hidden dangers. In this article, we focus on how delegating data modeling to an outside service can cause problems when making application updates, changing business rules or doing performance tuning.

Big Data DBA Support Strategies 03/16/2017

The Database Administrator (DBA) is usually a technical professional who supports one or more hardware and software platforms that provide application solutions. However, technical details such as SQL tuning, hardware and software upgrades, and database designs tend to be tactical in nature. It is essential that the DBA also maintain a strategic outlook to get ahead of potential problems. Lockwood Lyon addresses two of these strategies: knowing application breaking points and preparing for future enhancements to big data applications.

DB2 V12 Features Supporting Large Databases 02/16/2017

Big data applications were once limited to hybrid hardware/software platforms. Now, recent advances are allowing applications like these to be integrated with and federated into operational systems. In particular, IBM's DB2 for z/OS Version 12 delivers new features and functions that allow the DBAs to design, define and implement very large databases and business intelligence query platforms that fulfill some big data expectations.


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