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Featured Database Articles

Feature Database Articles


Azure SQL Database - Implementing Azure AD Authentication 10/06/2016

Marcin Policht focuses on the specifics of using Azure Active Directory to authenticate to Azure SQL Database.

Reading and Searching a Large Error Log File 10/03/2016

SQL Server’s undocumented extended stored procedure, called “xp_readerrorlog”, can read both the SQL Server ERRORLOG and the SQL Agent log files. Read on to learn more.

Reading Backup History Information for a Database 10/03/2016

There are times when you might want to read backup/restore history information to identify a backup’s start and finish date/time, the location where the backup was written, the size of the database backup, etc. Greg Larsen shows you how to do this in SQL Server.



A New Way To Pattern Match In Oracle 12c 10/13/2016

Oracle 12c offers a new way to match patterns in your data, the MATCH_RECOGNIZE function.  Read on to see the syntax and the function in action.

Hybrid Histograms in Oracle 12c 09/26/2016

The right statistics and histograms can provide improved performance for queries and reports.  Read on to find out about Oracle’s new Hybrid histogram.

The Oracle Bug That Could Bite You Has No Teeth 09/12/2016

In a previous article Oracle declared bug 24390197 shouldn’t be; it’s the normal behavior for locally managed tablespaces with system-managed extents. Read on to see the details.


MS Access



Basic DB2 Application Tuning Strategies 10/17/2016

Assume you’ve been given a directive by IT management to "tune" things. What strategies are available and how do you judge which ones are best? Considering the current economic climate, can any be implemented on a shoestring budget? Can any of these tasks be assigned to resources with basic DBA skills and still be productively accomplished?

Automating Data Warehouse Support 09/15/2016

As budgets tighten, how can database administrators keep up with the rapidly-changing new technology environment? The solution: automation. In this article we discuss various ways to automate common processes and relieve the infrastructure staff from repetitive tasks, so that then can concentrate on more urgent priorities.

DB2 Data Warehouse Capacity Planning 08/15/2016

Early data warehouse implementations began as collections of financial and customer data that accumulated over time. Modern warehouses have evolved into complex and elegant enterprise analytics platforms, hosting a broad collection of multiple data types, queried by advanced business intelligence software. As the warehouse environment becomes more valuable, capacity planning becomes critical. In this article we present several strategies for managing data warehouse capacity planning and performance tuning.


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