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Featured Database Articles

Feature Database Articles


Introduction to Azure SQL Database Elastic Database Pools 02/04/2016

Traditional deployments of Azure SQL Database involve identifying projected resource requirements and selecting individual Azure SQL Database instances. For fluctuating workloads, this frequently results in over- or under-provisioning. To address this challenge, Microsoft offers another approach to sizing Azure SQL Database that relies on Elastic Database Pools. Read on to learn more.

Exploring SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 4 – Encrypting Existing Data 02/01/2016

Greg Larsen explores the different ways that you can encrypt your existing confidential data using Always Encrypted Columns in SQL Server 2016.

Exploring SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 3 – Differences between Deterministic or Randomize Encryption 01/25/2016

In this third article of the exploring SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted series, Greg Larsen looks at the differences between an Always Encrypted column that uses an encryption type of Deterministic and those that use encryption type of Randomized.



Unique Records In Oracle 02/11/2016

There are several ways to ensure unique records in an Oracle table, but are some better than others?  Read on to see how each method compares.

Oracle's ANSI Join Syntax Can Result In Wrong Results 01/21/2016

Oracle can still have issues with ANSI join syntax, producing sub-optimal translations and possibly wrong results.  Read on to see how Oracle processes ANSI join syntax and how that translation process can create some problems.

Memory Leak in on AIX: Shared Cursors Are Not Behaving 01/11/2016

In Oracle shared cursor memory in some subpools can increase dramatically over time, resulting in having to restart the database.  Read on to see how this was discovered and how to check the subpool memory allocations.


MS Access



Load Testing Your Big Data Application 01/14/2016

Many big data applications are designed, built and installed without a formal load test. This is unfortunate, as load testing gives the database administrator quite a lot of valuable information. It may make the difference between poor and acceptable big data performance. This article reviews big data application implementation practices with some proactive tips on load testing to make your production implementation a success.

Big Data Performance Tuning 12/21/2015

Big data applications are now in place to support business analytics processing. However, many standard performance tuning options (such as indexes) may no longer apply. Here we investigate the differences between operational systems and big data systems, and present common options for big data performance tuning.

Integrating Big Data Applications into Operational Environments 11/23/2015

Many IT enterprises have created big data applications to store and analyze massive amounts of historical data. Should these applications be installed in their own exclusive environment, or tightly integrated with current operational systems?


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