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New Preview of SQL Server Management Studio Available for Download 12/06/2018

On September 24th Microsoft released the first Community Technical Preview for SQL Server 2019, which was CTP2.0. At the same time Microsoft pushed out a new preview for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) known as version 18. Now is the time to download this new preview!

SQL Server 2019 Community Technical Preview (CTP) 2.1 is Available Now 12/03/2018

Microsoft announced the release or CTP 2.1 for SQL Server 2019. This is the second CTP released for SQL Server 2019, and it has lots of new exciting features, like " UDF inlining". Read on to find out more!

Overview of Azure SQL Database Information Protection 11/01/2018

Information protection becomes one of the dominant factors that drive modern database design and implementation. This becomes particularly evident when operating in a cloud computing environment, with Azure SQL Database serving as one of the prime examples of this trend. Microsoft delivers relevant features by leveraging several different security-related Azure services. In this article, we will provide an overview of this functionality.



Improvements in Oracle's Join Elimination 12/13/2018

Occasionally a join using primary key columns in a query can be eliminated because of the data involved.  In Oracle 12.2 and later, multi-column primary keys can be used to do this; however, there are cases where the join elimination is not complete . In this article, you'll see an example that illustrates these points.

A GUI Might Not Be An Oracle DBA's Best Friend 11/20/2018

Oracle DBAs should know how Oracle behaves and should also be able to address issues without the aid of a flashy graphical user interface (or GUI). Are you a DBAs who would be lost without applications interfaces to help you with tasks? 

Hybrid Histograms in Oracle 18 11/15/2018

iOracle version 12 introduced the hybrid histogram as a performance improvement. Learn about a change in Oracle 18 that can cause histograms to break. 


MS Access



Big Data: Health Checking Your System 12/18/2018

As big data solutions grow in size and complexity, concerns can rise about future performance. One way to assess the potential effects is to measure your big data application’s health.

IBM Db2 Statistical Functions for Analytics 11/27/2018

Until recently, business analytics against big data and the enterprise data warehouse had to come from sophisticated software packages. This was because many statistical functions such as medians and quartiles were not available in basic SQL, forcing the packages to retrieve large result sets and perform aggregations and statistics locally. Today, many database management systems have incorporated these functions into SQL, including IBM's flagship product, Db2.

IBM Offers AI-Assisted SQL Tuning 10/18/2018

A new separately-priced software offering from IBM on z/OS systems uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assist the Db2 optimizer in choosing high-performance access paths for SQL statements.


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