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Deployment of SQL Server 2019 Always On Availability Groups on Azure AKS 08/12/2019

Step through a demonstration illustrating a sample deployment of SQL Server 2019 Always On Availability Group cluster on Azure AKS. You'll discover how to leverage the Microsoft Azure-hosted managed Kubernetes service referred to as AKS.

What is in My Database Backup File 08/05/2019

The Microsoft SQL Server team has made it easy for you to retrieve the information in a backup file by using a couple of commands. Read on to learn more!

Graphical Tools for Accessing Azure Cosmos DB 07/15/2019

While the most common methods of interacting with Azure Cosmos DB involve programmatic access, there are times when you might want to perform a quick change or take a peek at some of documents in a collection. In such instances, it is typically more convenient to rely on the graphical interface. Fortunately, there are several options you can use to accomplish.



Understanding the Odd Behavior for Timestamp with Time Zone Columns in Oracle 07/22/2019

Timestamp with Oracle Time Zone columns exhibits 'interesting' behavior with respect to unique indexes and primary keys.  Read on to see the issue and one possibly confusing way to handle it!

Oracle's Native JSON Changes May Present a Surprise 06/13/2019

Recently Oracle has updated its JSON functionality in the database and that may present unexpected issues.  Read on to see what changed and how it could affect results.

The Horror of NOLOGGING in Oracle 05/03/2019

Transactions using NOLOGGING can make a database unusable if recovery is necessary. Read on to see why and how to protect the database from unrecoverable transactions.


MS Access



IBM Db2 for z/OS Useful Features 08/19/2019

Some of the more useful features of Db2 and SQL that have been delivered as new functionality are reviewed. Read on to learn more!

Doing Analytics Against Critical Production Data 07/29/2019

Learn about several techniques which, taken together, allow you to configure your critical production data so that it is efficient (and non-disruptive) to execute analytical queries against it in real time. No need for a separate hybrid appliance, no need for a massive data warehouse. Read on....

Polling and Survey Data Transparency 07/01/2019

Polls and surveys are increasing in use. If you are a DBA, developer, or data scientist, then it is good to understand how to structure your systems for transparency and proper use.


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