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Monitor Query Performance Using Query Store in SQL Server 03/19/2018

The Query Store captures a history of queries, execution plans, and runtime statistics, which persist within SQL Server and can be reviewed later. Read on to learn more.

Controlling Access to Azure Cosmos DB 03/08/2018

Azure Cosmos DB offers features that facilitate data availability and resiliency. However, there is also a different, very important aspect of facilitating access to distributed data sources in the most optimal manner, which focuses on access control mechanisms. Read on to learn the specifics of this aspect, as it applies to Azure Cosmos DB.

What is the State of My Transparent Data Encrypted Database? 03/01/2018

When using Transparent Data Encryption, you might wonder “What is the state of my transparent data encrypted database?” Read on to learn the many different states that a transparent data encrypted database might go through.



Backup to the Oracle Cloud 03/12/2018

With the explosion of cloud-based applications and database services, it might be wise to consider backing up local databases to the Oracle cloud.  Read on to see how to configure and execute such backups.

Oracle 12cR2 Upgrade and the Alert Log 02/26/2018

When upgrading an Oracle database to version you may find that scripts that scan the alert log stop working.  Read on to see why and how to address the issue.

Using Oracle's DBMS_PROFILER to tune PL/SQL 02/12/2018

Troubleshooting and tuning PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions can be a daunting task.  Read on to see how DBMS_PROFILER can make that job easier.


MS Access



Modern Database Disaster Planning 03/15/2018

What elements comprise current day disaster recovery planning, and how are large mainframe and big data applications recovered?

Modern Enterprise Data Integration 02/15/2018

There has always been a need for some IT users to access data from multiple operational systems across the enterprise. In a process called data integration, companies developed a centralized IT solution that presented data from across the enterprise in a single application. However, with the advent of big data applications, there is now too much data across the enterprise to transport and store in a single place. Data integration had to be re-defined in order to access separate data stores in-place with available access in real-time.

Supporting Operational Systems in a Big Data World 01/16/2018

Lockwood Lyon explores the aspects of data modelling that are essential during application development in order to make the application data valuable to an organization.


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