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Importing Data into Azure SQL Database 04/23/2019

Data imports represent some of the more commonly performed database management tasks. Learn about a number of traditional SQL Server data import techniques that you can leverage when importing data into Azure SQL Database.

Microsoft SQL Server: Current Identify Column Value in a Table 04/11/2019

Learn how to find the current identify column value in your Microsoft SQL Server tables.

Compressed Microsoft SQL Server Backups by Default 04/08/2019

Learn how to create default database compression for your SQL Server databases.



Single-column Primary Keys and Histograms in Oracle 04/15/2019

Does a single-column primary key need a histogram? That may not be as silly of a question as might appear. Read on to find out why.

Trouble with Oracle's DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS For The UNDO Tablespace 03/18/2019

Changes in the way Oracle sets the flag value for the UNDO tablespace in version 12.x make the output from DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS either incomplete (12.1) or missing  (12.2).  Read on for more information.

Oracle's Automatic Memory Management and the SPFILE 02/28/2019

With Oracle's Automatic Memory Management the spfile is updated with some interesting settings.  Read on to see what the settings are and what they do.


MS Access



IBM Improves IT Operations with Artificial Intelligence 04/18/2019

IBM has enhanced its Operations Analytics software on the IBM Z platform by leveraging IBM Watson Machine Learning (WML) for z/OS. WML is implemented as a service that interfaces with several varieties of data, creates and trains machine learning models, scores them and compares the models with live metrics. The operations analytics software then classifies and analyzes the results to detect and predict problems. Read on to learn more!

Data Masking in the World of GDPR 03/21/2019

Your production database environment stores personally identifiable information in an encrypted form, limits access to these fields and masks them when displayed. However, some types of data encryption create potential performance problems as well as security issues. Your data may be at risk unless you mask it effectively.

IBM Db2 Query Optimization Using AI 02/18/2019

IBM’s machine learning is being used to improve the performance of analytical queries as well as operational queries and their associated applications. This requires management attention, as you must verify that your business is prepared to consume these ML and AI conclusions. Learn more…


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