2004 FileMaker Developer Conference: FileMaker Server 7 Advanced Now Available

Several new announcements were made at the 2004 FileMaker Developer Conference yesterday. Among those announcements:

  • Immediate availability of FileMaker Server 7 Advanced and the FileMaker Server 7 Advanced Development License
  • The conference attracted more than 1,400 worldwide attendees–a record attendance for this annual conference
  • Over 10 million copies of FileMaker have shipped

FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, which provides advanced web publishing and connectivity options for managing shared solutions for desktop and web clients, is an enhanced version of FileMaker Server 7. A few clicks, and no modifications produces a web version of a FileMaker database that can be shared with up to 100 users via a browser.

New Features in FileMaker Server 7 Advanced

  • Up to 100 users may simultaneously access a database that has been published through Instant Web Publishing
  • Generate results in CHTML, XHTML, RTF and XML using XML and XSLT
  • 70+ FileMaker Pro script steps are supported
  • Perform searches and calculations on the server instead of the client.
  • Store up to 8 terabytes of information in each database
  • The ability to host thousands of tables
  • Perform maintenance, including live backups, on live databases
  • Use FileMaker Server Administration software to configure and maintain servers remotely
  • Use the new EventLog to audit remote administration. The EventLog entry identifies administrators and their activities
  • Change server settings without restarting the server.
  • More…

Beta testers praised FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, reporting that the software improved efficiency and performance.

Another announcement of import was the new licensing program for developers. The FileMaker Server 7 Advanced Development License is now available to owners of FileMaker Developer 7–without having to purchase a full license of the software. Existing FileMaker Developer 7 customers may purchase the software and license for $10 (plus shipping/handling/tax), while those purchasing FileMaker Developer 7 will have access to the development license and software, which is included in the box. Existing customers can purchase the license and software through Dec. 31, 2004, at http://store.filemaker.com/fms7ad_lic.html.

This year’s conference, with a record attendance of 1,400, featured The FileMaker Developer Conference 2004 Solution Contest. This new event will demonstrate seven ‘best of breed’ solutions built using new advances in FileMaker Pro 7. The grand prizewinner will be announced on Sept. 1, at the conclusion of the conference.

FileMaker, Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA, is a developer of database software, starter solutions and tools to create and share solutions from the desktop to the web. The company has eight offices around the world, 250 employees and has shipped over 10 million copies of FileMaker.

For additional information please visit http://filemaker.com/.

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