Advanced Analytical Applications from Aster Data Developer Express Take on Petabytes of Data

Now available for free download is Aster Data Developer Express, an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes the development and deployment of MapReduce-enabled applications quick and easy. Developers and analysts can build advanced analytic applications capable of leveraging petabytes of data, but without needing to be an expert in distributed data analysis or MapReduce’s parallel processing framework. Some of the applications that can be built with Aster Data Developer Express include those for iterative analytics, prediction and optimization, and ad hoc analysis, all of which can be validated locally on the desktop or within Aster Data nCluster, a massive parallel processing database.

“Aster Data’s implementation of MapReduce with SQL-MapReduce goes beyond the capabilities of general analytic development APIs and provides us with the excellent control and flexibility needed to implement even the most complex analytic algorithms,” said Partha Sen, CEO and Founder of Fuzzy Logix.

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