Big Data Management and Processing Get Enhanced with Advanced Analytic Packages and 1,000+ MapReduce-ready Functions

Aster Data is bringing the benefits of MapReduce into a more simplified form by pre-packaging a suite of MapReduce-ready functions, as well as combining it with SQL. Aster Data’s SQL-MapReduce and MapReduce-ready analytic functions:

  • Make MapReduce applications usable by anyone with a SQL skill-set
  • Enable rich analytic applications to be built quickly
  • Embed 100% of the analytical processing in-database inside Aster Data’s data-analytics server, nCluster
  • Automatically parallelize both the data and application processing with SQL-MapReduce for extremely high performance on large data sets.

“Aster Data’s new approach to analytic application processing improves performance and scalability for data-driven applications and exploratory analysis of big data, which is becoming increasingly important to organizations as a means to create competitive advantage,” said Dan Vesset, Program Vice President of Business Analytics, IDC Research.

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