Bridging the gap between databases and XML

On December 3, Snapbridge Software revealed its brainchild–a patent-pending technology for real-time integration of large amounts of data from multi-data sources. Snapbridge FDX, as this brain-child has been dubbed, fuses data from relational databases, flat files, web services, mainframe data, digital images from content repositories, streaming feeds, etc. into composite objects that can viewed, updated or written to, regardless of that data’s formatting, storage location or creation date.

Snapbridge FDX gives databases the power and freedom to leverage the XML and XSL Standards for structuring and expressing information. This new technology provides the way to unlock and freely acquire the data, both structured data and semi-structured content (documents and images), automatically transforming it from a traditional database format to an XML format. Just what is so impressive about this? Once that transformation occurs, it allows you to deal with that database as if it were an XML representation. Now that’s impressive. Snapbridge believes this patent pending technology is going to streamline the ability to unlock the data that enterprises might have in traditional operational data stores and data warehouses, allowing them to accelerate the sharing of information within the enterprise as well as between enterprises.

Benjamin Chen, CTO and Chairman of Snapbridge told Database Journal that Snapbridge FDX is “a revolutionary technology that allows developers to access data in multiple heterogeneous databases–Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, MySQL–and allows them to create a virtual link to multiple databases as if they were one database.” He went on to say that this was done in such a way that it is very high performance, very scalable, and very easy to do.

“Our ability to really make it easy to leverage the data that exists within corporate America in these databases and get it out in a manner that can be utilized by more departments and companies is really the key. A good way to think about Snapbridge is we are essentially a high-speed data-fusing engine. We can take data from multiple sources–databases, flat files, web services–and combine them together in real time to produce output composite results.”

Snapbridge is excited to be launching their beta version of XML Developers Edition, next week at the XML conference in Philadelphia. This is the same conference that the XML standard was released to the world.

A download of the beta will be available on Tuesday, December 9, on the Snapbridge website. The beta is being offered free of charge.

Pricing for production release has not yet been established, but will be announced in the near future. Snapbridge told Database Journal that pricing will be focused around enterprise class deployments.

About Snapbridge Software
Snapbridge provides powerful products and services for information integration, content publishing and XML development. Patent-pending Snapbridge FDX data federation technology delivers unprecedented performance, flexibility, and scalability by federating multiple data sources such as relational databases, flat files, web services, mainframe data, digital images from content repositories and streaming feeds to create composite objects that can be viewed, or updated as part of a transaction. Founded in 2001, the Snapbridge team consists of world-class engineers and management from top companies including SUN, TIBCO, BEA, SAP, iXL–including members of the teams that defined XML and Java. Snapbridge is working with a number of leading companies in financial services, telecom, travel, media and other industries. The company is headquartered in San Diego and is privately held, with investment backing from JP Morgan Partners and Mission Ventures. For more information, please visit

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