Cloud Database Applications become Easy to Build without IT Help with TrackVia

TrackVia has now announced its new cloud application development platform which was designed to let business users build database-driven applications without requiring the help of IT, freeing them for more technical work and potentially reducing cost. Quickly and securely implemented with no upfront cost, TrackVia’s cloud data management and application development product also brings such benefits as:

  • An Integrated Data Canvas allowing users to view, analyze, manipulate, and apply the built in productivity tools – such as a document generator, webform publisher, real-time alerts and others – to their records while keeping data in view
  • Easy to use analytic and visualization tools that allow users to search, filter and create customized views that include table, calendar, map, and graph formats.
  • Multi-portlet dashboards combine up to 20 different views onto a single, real-time key performance indicator dashboard that can show underlying data detail
  • Granular access controls and audit tracking in which every change is recorded with a time, user, and date-stamp
  • And the ability to synchronize TrackVia with other third party applications and databases in real-time

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