Database Automation for the DBA Shortage

[From On-Demand Enterprise]

As the amount of data continues to grow, the need for experienced database administrators (DBAs) is exploding. The U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics reports that employment of DBAs is expected to grow significantly and outpace the growth of all other occupations through 2016. The DBA has a very specific, technical set of skills that makes the position one of the most difficult to fill in the datacenter. With only a handful of skilled database administrators, many companies will struggle to meet this demand.

Database automation is going to play a much greater role for future success. By implementing database automation technologies, DBAs can focus on strategic issues and allow junior staff to perform tasks traditionally executed by more skilled workers. This is a win-win situation for business decision makers; the highly skilled DBAs can focus on revenue-generating strategy, while the less skilled employees can maintain compliance metrics and best practices.

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