Database Security on Cloud Computing Platform with Sentrigo Hedgehog

Users of GoGrid’s cloud computing infrastructure can now protect their databases with Sentrigo, Inc.’s Hedgehog Enterprise and vPatch. Sentrigo’s Hedgehog provides security compliance for sensitive data while making it easy for the user with many templates including SOX, PCI-DSS, and SAS70. “Sentrigo’s host-based software approach monitors and audits data access from the inside of each database virtual server, allowing efficient operation in distributed, virtualized environments.” Also, cloud database protection can begin immediately after a short installation using the pre-built Hedgehog images in the GoGrid Exchange.

Says GoGrid CEO and Co-Founder, John Keagy, “The combination of the Sentrigo and GoGrid technologies is a natural fit for our respective companies, and more importantly for customers looking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing technology with the assurance their data is protected by the best-in-breed database security solution currently available on the market.”

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