Database Vendor EnterpriseDB and Terrocotta Collaborate to Provide Cost Effective Cloud Solutions

Terracotta and EnterpriseDB have joined together in order to address the complex technical challenge of scaling the data layer in private clouds and provide a high performance, cost-effective solution. To meet the elastic needs of cloud-based applications, they’ve combined Terracotta’s Ehcache, an industry standard interface which scales data tiers from a single server to multiple nodes, with EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus, which is based on the open source PostgreSQL database.

Said Ed Boyajian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB; “Cloud computing – both public and private clouds – brings with it the promise of significant cost savings and greatly streamlined application management,” and that “By combining Terracotta’s distributed caching capabilities with our Postgres Plus database we can now offer a data management solution that will quickly set the industry standard for scalability and total cost of ownership within cloud environments.”

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