Database Virtualization Vendor Xkoto’s Future Left to Speculation

Last month Teradata acquired Xkoto, a database virtualization vendor, without releasing financial information about the purchase, and is letting others speculate on its intentions for the purchase as well.

One thought is that Xkoto’s GRIDSCALE, which load balances all database servers in a cluster using and virtualizes a pool of database servers to appear as one, could be used by Teradata to expand its excellent high availability, load balancing, and scalability to distributed grids of Teradata and third-party databases.

Another guess is that Teradata will rebuild GRIDSCALE to support its own database and discontinue development for SQL Server and DB2, the two databases GRIDSCALE already supports. Proof for this is that Xkoto’s “virtualization technology would appear to complement the acquirer’s Agile Analytics Cloud strategy to create virtual data pools.”

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