DBACentral for MySQL version 1.2.1 Released

microOLAP Technologies
announces the release of DBACentral
for MySQL v1.2.1. DBACentral for MySQL is a database
administration/management solution that provides a GUI Interface similar to
that found in MS Access. The product allows the user to manage databases and
database objects, execute all database operations, administer users and user
privileges, etc.

New with this release is the run-time edition, an
environment that offers the ability to work with profiles designed by
end-users. Support for functions and stored procedures in MySQL 5.0, and data
views in MySQL 5.0.1 has been added. In addition, Auto Query and Auto Form
features are improved, Automation dialog has been added, as well as a new form
component that allows users to put button on forms and program action in run-time.

New Features

Database management – provides several methods of
creating databases, as well as providing the capability to manage structures,
import/export databases to/from various data sources, backup, restore and
perform other operations

Managing tables, columns, indexes, and keys – create
tables, design tables by creating, editing, repositioning or dropping columns
and indexes. Also provides the capability to work with column domains, table
relationships and more.

Easy migration from Microsoft Access to MySQL – transfer
all your databases in just a few mouse clicks

Database Profiles – profiles contain the connection
properties, queries, forms, relationship9s, domains, etc. Stored in files on
your hard disk, profiles can be easily transferred between computers and databases.

Data Forms – Use data forms to view and modify MySQL
table data.

Stored Queries – Save queries in your profile for
future use.

Logical Data Integrity – full data integrity,
regardless of server version or table types.

Users and Privileges – manage users and their

Wizards for constructing databases, tables, forms,
– wizards provide quick creation of simple objects

Powerful import/export modules – import/export databases
and tables from 14 available formats, including MySQL, Access, and various
databases accessible through OLEDB or ODBC link

Full InnoDB compliance – supports all MySQL
table types, including InnoDB, as well as InnoDB foreign keys.

DBACentral for MySQL can be purchased online through third
party secure billing services or offline by phone, mail, fax, wire and Purchase
Order. A fully functional trial version can be downloaded from the microOLAP website.

DBACentral for MySQL runs on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4/XP
and Pentium 166, 32 Mb RAM is recommended.

Founded in 2000, micrOLAP Technologies is a software
development company, specializing in products for programmers and database

For additional information please visit microOLAP.

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