Easily Merge Data from SQL Server, Oracle, Access and More into Reports with Veera Business Intelligence Software

Veera, a business intelligence software product from Rapid Insight Inc, has been upgraded. Veera can take data from various formats such as Excel, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and text then quickly change it into reports and analytic datasets through merging, aggregating, and cleansing; all without the user having to worry about data corruption. The new features that have been added to Veera include:

  • A COMMAND node that provides access to third-party programs from within data processing jobs
  • A COMBINE INPUT node that appends and inputs data from multiple files all in one step
  • A COMPRESS / UNCOMPRESS node that zips/unzips input/output files
  • Expanded DATE and TIME data types and additional data functions and automatic incorporation of date/time info into output filenames

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