Groove Networks Announces Enterprise Data Bridge

[From Groove Networks Inc.]

Groove Networks Inc. today announced the Groove Enterprise Data Bridge, a product that allows organizations to securely deliver live enterprise data from nearly any source directly to users’ PCs, in the context of their teams, project work and collaborative tools. Integrated with Groove Virtual Office software, the Enterprise Data Bridge speeds business processes by enabling virtual, cross-organizational teams to work together effectively anywhere at any time with both structured and unstructured data from enterprise applications and databases, improving decision making, reducing coordination costs and shortening project cycle times.

Groove Enterprise Data Bridge solutions can be as simple as providing read-only customer relationship management (CRM) data to a mobile sales team, or as sophisticated as providing live, synchronized enterprise resource planning (ERP) data to a cross-company logistics team. Teams view, access and work with data via Groove forms applications customized for their unique process requirements.

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