NoSQL Applications Provides New Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools for Support, Developers, and Operations

Evident ClearStone 4.5 provides monitoring and managing of all tiers of enterprise applications that includes tools that for monitoring and troubleshooting business critical NoSQL Applications. New to this version of ClearStone 4.6 includes a health dashboard and fine-grained alerting; enabling users to help determine health, performance and statuses as well as notifications for events.

“With the release of ClearStone 4.6, we’re giving developers and operations engineers unprecedented visibility into enterprise and Web applications, including ‘Internet-scale’ applications that work with vast amounts of data,” said Scott Barnett, CEO of Evident Software. “ClearStone lets developers and operations engineers see all tiers of an application, now including the JBoss or WebLogic application server tier, in a ‘single pane of glass.’ This comprehensive view of real-time and historical data gives IT departments the information they need in order to optimize application performance.”

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