Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center Unveiled

Reduce hardware management costs with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center; uniquely manage Oracle’s Sun hardware for up to 90% cost reduction. Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center includes new capabilities to manage Oracle Exadata Database Machiune and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line.

“This release represents a significant advancement in Oracle’s integrated application-to-disk management approach and is a perfect example of the value that can be created when hardware and software are engineered to work together,” said Steve Wilson, vice president Systems Management, Oracle. “The extensive integration work included in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center allows our customers to benefit from common management capabilities across Oracle’s hardware and software. By providing a single, intuitive management console that spans a broad range of infrastructure and software assets, we are enabling customers to streamline operations, improve productivity and dramatically reduce management costs.”

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