Oracle in Leaders Quadrant for Data Integration

Oracle meets Gartner Magic Quadrant’s requirements for being able to execute and complete their visions. Gartner says that,

“Leaders in the data integration tools market are front runners in the convergence of single-purpose tools into an offering that supports a range of data delivery styles. Leaders have significant mind share in the market, and resources that are skilled in their tools are readily available. These vendors establish market trends, to a large degree, by providing new functional capabilities in their products, and by identifying new types of business problems where data integration tools can bring significant value.”

That says a lot for Oracle—noting that Oracle’s Data Integration is a fully unified solution and combines all the elements of data integration that keeps enterprises information timely, accurate, and consistent in architectures such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Intelligence (BI), and data warehouse environments.

Sachin Chawla vice president of Oracle Product Development said,

“Being positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Data Integration Tools reflects Oracle’s continued commitment to enable our customers to optimize operations and drive better business decisions by delivering the best technology solutions for fast and easy access to most up-to-date, accurate data.”

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